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Forensic Services

Dr. Hamlin has her doctorate in Forensic Clinical Psychology and maintains the yearly continuing education requirements necessary to qualify as an expert in legal proceedings.

Curriculum Vitae

The American Psychology-Law Society of the American Psychological Association describes Forensic Psychology as follows:

...forensic psychology refers to professional practice by any psychologist working within any sub-discipline of psychology (e.g., clinical, developmental, social, cognitive) when applying the scientific, technical, or specialized knowledge of psychology to the law to assist in addressing legal, contractual, and administrative matters.

American Psychological Association, American Psychology-Law Society. (2011, July 25).  Specialty guidelines for forensic psychology. Retrieved from

Forensic psychological services differ from more traditional psychological services in many important ways.  For example, if the forensic psychologist is asked to perform an evaluation, the results of this evaluation may or may not be helpful to the individual being evaluated.  The goal of the evaluation would be to answer specific questions or to provide information about how the individual is functioning psychologically to the individual, entity, or agency requesting the evaluation. In most cases, evaluations are intended for use in some type of a legal proceeding or agency determination. As such, the confidentiality of the evaluation and the distribution of the results are determined by the rules of that jurisdiction or agency policy.  Because the evaluation is being requested by another party, and is not for the purpose of treatment or counseling, there are fewer legal protections.  In some cases (e.g., criminal proceedings), the report and any information pertaining to it may be admissible into evidence as well as any other information that was provided concerning the examinee’s mental health and functioning.  When a forensic psychologist is retained by an individual’s attorney, the results of an evaluation are protected by the attorney-client privilege until such time that the attorney chooses to use the report or testimony as evidence in the case.  Exceptions to this might include: a determination that the examinee is dangerous to another person; if information is revealed that a child has been, or may be, abused, neglected, or sexually abused; if there is cause to believe that an elderly or disabled person is in a state of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; or, if a court orders the examiner to do so.  If there were concerns about the use or distribution of a report, the examinee would be encouraged to discuss these issues carefully with his/her attorney. The individual, entity, or agency is the client and the requesting party has complete authority over the results, including whether or not any information will be released to the examinee or to anyone else.  Dr. Hamlin will not release the information unless instructed to do so by the person or entity that hired her or when legally required to do so.

Dr. Hamlin's fees for forensic services are based on a rate of $250 per hour.  This rate would include all aspects of the requested services including interviews, assessments, review of records, testimony, and travel time.  If these services are requested by Court Order, these fees may or may not be paid by the Court.  If these fees are not to be paid by the Court, a retainer will be requested before the service (e.g., evaluation) begins with balances due as agreed upon, in writing (a letter of engagement will be required) between Dr. Hamlin and your attorney.

Sample Letter of Engagement

Certain language in the Court Order will be helpful if the defendant is incarcerated in order to best facilitate the evaluation.

Suggested Court Order Language

We look forward to the opportunity to provide our forensic services. It our intention to be responsive and informative to your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

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